Thomas A. Alspaugh
2009-12-01 Tu
  1. Raising:
    1. Test that bell is down.
    2. Take coils (2).
    3. Pull before bell reaches end of turn.
    4. Steady sallie once it begins to bounce — one hand.
    5. Let coils out only at the bottom.
    6. Raise evenly (at hand and at back) — will gradually pull more on (one hand) hand stroke.
  2. Lowering:
    1. One hand on sallie, once lowering begins.
    2. Two hands on tail (always).
    3. L hand works up tail as bell lowers (during hand stroke).
    4. Take a loop when/before extra rope flaps about:
      1. slide L hand down from R hand;
      2. bring hands together (L to R?) and grasp the new loop.
      On the backstroke, of course, as low as possible.
    5. When the bell is low enough, stop it (w/ R hand on a backstroke).

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