Thomas A. Alspaugh
2009-11-17 Tu
  1. Follow through.
  2. Grasp high enough on the tail for arms to be fully extended at backstroke.
  3. The bell rings just after the ringer's hands rise past his/her face, for both hand and back strokes.
  4. A ringer 5 years ahead of me suggests: Don't watch the pattern of the ropes at the ceiling — adopt the habit of watching at eye level (e.g. can pick up wink cues)
  5. Ringing up:
    1. Check that bell is down before starting.
    2. Take two loops.
    3. Let rope out as it rises.
    4. Steady the sally with the R hand after the sallie starts bouncing.
  6. Ringing down:
    1. L hand climbs the tail until the first loop is taken; then it enlarges the loop until the next loop is taken.
    2. Take a loop as needed (while both hands are down).
    3. Brake the bell's rise; start braking before the end of each swing.

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