Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
GNU General Public License Version 2
56 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
9 words in the longest such phrase
14 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
9w 3x under the terms of sections 1 and 2 above §II.3¶1s1w23 §II.3¶1.as1w14 §II.3¶1.bs1w43
6w 5x a work based on the program §II.0¶1s2w12 §II.0¶2s2w23 §II.2¶1s1w18 §II.2¶2s3w15 §II.2¶4s1w18
6w 3x be distributed under the terms of §II.0¶1s1w22 §II.3¶1.as1w12 §II.3¶1.bs1w41
6w 3x published by the free software foundation §II.9¶2s2w38 §II.9¶2s3w19 §III¶4s1.1w19
5w 8x work based on the program §II.0¶1s2w13 §II.0¶2s2w24 §II.2¶1s1w19 §II.2¶1.cs2w17 §II.2¶2s3w16 §II.2¶4s1w19 §II.5¶1s4w10 §II.6¶1s1w9
5w 4x the gnu general public license §I¶1s2w3 §III¶4s1.1w13 §III¶5s2w2 §III¶6s1w8
5w 4x by the free software foundation §II.9¶2s2w39 §II.9¶2s3w20 §II.10¶1s2w6 §III¶4s1.1w20
5w 3x terms and conditions for copying §I¶8s1w3 §II¶0s1w1 §II.5¶1s4w28
4w 10x based on the program §II.0¶1s2w14 §II.0¶2s2w25 §II.2¶1s1w20 §II.2¶1.cs2w18 §II.2¶2s3w17 §II.2¶3s1.1w18 §II.2¶4s1w9 §II.2¶4s1w20 §II.5¶1s4w11 §II.6¶1s1w10
4w 7x under the terms of §II.0¶1s1w24 §II.2¶1s1w32 §II.2¶1.bs1w41 §II.3¶1s1w23 §II.3¶1.as1w14 §II.3¶1.bs1w43 §III¶4s1.1w9
4w 7x the free software foundation §II.9¶1s1w1 §II.9¶2s2w40 §II.9¶2s3w21 §II.10¶1s2w7 §II.10¶1s2w13 §III¶4s1.1w21 §III¶6s1.1w5
4w 6x a work based on §II.0¶1s2w12 §II.0¶2s2w23 §II.2¶1s1w18 §II.2¶2s3w15 §II.2¶4s1w18 §II.3¶1s1w9
4w 5x the program or any §II.0¶1s2w20 §II.2¶1s1w9 §II.2¶1.bs1w22 §II.5¶1s4w6 §II.6¶1s1w5
4w 3x this general public license §I¶1s3w1 §II.0¶1s1w28 §III¶14s1w1
4w 3x there is no warranty §I¶6s1w17 §II.2¶1.cs1w42 §II.11¶1s1w9
4w 3x copying distribution and modification §I¶8s1w7 §II¶0s1w5 §II.0¶2s1w4
4w 3x the terms of this §II.0¶1s1w25 §II.2¶1.bs1w42 §II.2¶2s3w29
4w 3x of this license if §II.2¶1.bs1w44 §II.7¶1s1w51 §II.7¶4s1w19
4w 3x or distribute the program §II.4¶1s1w7 §II.4¶1s2w8 §II.5¶1s2w9
3w 14x of this license ¶2s1w10 §II.1¶1s1.2w11 §II.2¶1.bs1w44 §II.2¶1.cs1w73 §II.2¶2s3w31 §II.2¶4s1w42 §II.5¶1s4w19 §II.7¶1s1w40 §II.7¶1s1w51 §II.7¶4s1w19 §II.8¶1s2w15 §II.9¶2s2w8 §II.9¶2s3w10 §III¶14s3w17
3w 11x general public license §I¶1s2w5 §I¶1s3w2 §I¶1s4w13 §II.0¶1s1w29 §II.9¶1s1w14 §III¶4s1.1w15 §III¶5s2w4 §III¶6s1w10 §III¶10s1w16 §III¶14s1w2 §III¶14s3w13
3w 10x the program or §II.0¶1s2w20 §II.0¶1s2.1w8 §II.2¶1s1w9 §II.2¶1.bs1w22 §II.2¶4s1w14 §II.3¶1s1w6 §II.5¶1s2w11 §II.5¶1s4w6 §II.5¶1s4w36 §II.6¶1s1w5
3w 9x free software foundation ¶1s1w5 §I¶1s4w3 §II.9¶1s1w2 §II.9¶2s2w41 §II.9¶2s3w22 §II.10¶1s2w8 §II.10¶1s2w14 §III¶4s1.1w22 §III¶6s1.1w6
3w 9x the free software §I¶1s3w9 §II.7¶3s1.1w12 §II.9¶1s1w1 §II.9¶2s2w40 §II.9¶2s3w21 §II.10¶1s2w7 §II.10¶1s2w13 §III¶4s1.1w21 §III¶6s1.1w5
3w 9x work based on §II.0¶1s2w13 §II.0¶2s2w24 §II.2¶1s1w19 §II.2¶1.cs2w17 §II.2¶2s3w16 §II.2¶4s1w19 §II.3¶1s1w10 §II.5¶1s4w10 §II.6¶1s1w9
3w 8x the terms of §II.0¶1s1w25 §II.2¶1s1w33 §II.2¶1.bs1w42 §II.2¶2s3w29 §II.3¶1s1w24 §II.3¶1.as1w15 §II.3¶1.bs1w44 §III¶4s1.1w10
3w 8x the program is §II.0¶2s2w5 §II.0¶2s2w14 §II.2¶1.cs2w20 §II.4¶1s2w10 §II.8¶1s1w8 §II.11¶1s1w2 §II.11¶1s3w11 §III¶8s1w2
3w 8x of the program §II.1¶1s1.2w6 §II.2¶1s1w8 §II.7¶1s3w12 §II.7¶1s3w45 §II.8¶1s1w7 §II.10¶1s1w7 §II.11¶1s3w10 §II.12¶1s1w82
3w 6x the source code §I¶4s2w12 §II.3¶2s1w1 §II.3¶2s2w10 §II.3¶2s3w6 §II.3¶3s1w25 §II.3¶3s1w36
3w 5x terms and conditions §I¶8s1w3 §II¶0s1w1 §II.5¶1s4w28 §II.6¶1s1w34 §II.9¶2s2w26
3w 5x distribute the program §II.3¶1s1w5 §II.4¶1s1w8 §II.4¶1s2w9 §II.5¶1s2w10 §II.7¶1s2w27
3w 5x under this license §II.4¶1s1w15 §II.4¶1s2w20 §II.4¶1s3w11 §II.7¶1s2w12 §II.8¶1s1w30
3w 4x copy and distribute ¶2s1w5 §II.1¶1s1w3 §II.2¶1s1w25 §II.3¶1s1w3
3w 4x is intended to §I¶1s2w8 §II.7¶2s1w21 §II.7¶2s1w31 §II.7¶4s1w3
3w 4x this license if §II.2¶1.bs1w45 §II.6¶1s3w12 §II.7¶1s1w52 §II.7¶4s1w20
3w 4x if the program §II.2¶1.cs2w2 §II.9¶2s2w1 §II.9¶2s3w1 §III¶8s1w1
3w 3x it is not ¶2s1w16 §II.2¶3s1w2 §II.7¶3s1w1
3w 3x distribute copies of §I¶2s2w16 §I¶3s2w11 §I¶4s1w5
3w 3x free software and §I¶2s2w19 §II.10¶1s3w20 §III¶9s2w3
3w 3x copies of the §I¶3s2w12 §II.1¶1s1w7 §II.2¶1s1w7
3w 3x no warranty for §I¶6s1w19 §II.11¶1s1w11 §III¶9s1w14
3w 3x is not the §I¶6s2w22 §II.2¶3s1w3 §II.7¶3s1w2
3w 3x from the program §II.0¶2s2w13 §II.2¶1.bs1w21 §II.2¶2s2w10
3w 3x provided that you §II.1¶1s1w20 §II.2¶1s1w39 §II.3¶1s1w32
3w 3x this license and §II.1¶1s1.1w9 §II.2¶2s2w25 §II.7¶1s2w13
3w 3x a copy of §II.1¶1s1.2w9 §II.2¶1.cs1w71 §III¶6s1w5
3w 3x you must cause §II.2¶1.as1w1 §II.2¶1.bs1w1 §II.2¶1.cs1w11
3w 3x as a whole §II.2¶1.bs1w31 §II.2¶2s1w8 §II.7¶2s1w28
3w 3x redistribute the program §II.2¶1.cs1w58 §II.6¶1s1w4 §II.12¶1s1w27
3w 3x distribution of the §II.2¶2s3w22 §II.3¶3s1w34 §II.7¶1s3w44
3w 3x of this section §II.2¶3s1w7 §II.7¶2s1w4 §II.7¶3s1w6
3w 3x accompany it with §II.3¶1.as1w1 §II.3¶1.bs1w1 §II.3¶1.cs1w1
3w 3x you may not §II.4¶1s1w1 §II.6¶1s2w1 §II.7¶1s2w24
3w 3x not limited to §II.7¶1s1w19 §II.11¶1s2w30 §II.12¶1s1w60
3w 3x any later version §II.9¶2s2w16 §II.9¶2s2w35 §III¶4s1.2w11
3w 3x write to the §II.10¶1s1w19 §II.10¶1s2w11 §III¶6s1.1w3

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