Thomas A. Alspaugh
2010-02-04 Th
  1. Follow through! Keep enough tail to almost extend my arms.
  2. Chiming: when raising, after the bell has started swinging, check it i.e. at almost the top of the rise, stop the bell from rising the last bit at each stroke.

    Continue this for as long as I can grab the sallie; from there on, the bell should continue chiming all the way up that will ensure the clapper remains on the correct side of the bell as it continues to ring up.

    (Can chime when ringing down, too, as soon as the sally is grabbable.)

  3. Follow through on each backstroke, then catch the sallie lower and let my hands ride the sallie up.

    (I had been catching almost at face level; the better ringers are catching about chest level.)

  4. If I miss the sallie, let it go! Keep control of the tail, pull the next backstroke, and catch the next handstroke.

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