Thomas A. Alspaugh
2009-10-25 Sa

First ringing course session (of seven).

I was taught to ring as a member of the Washington Ringing Society, ringing at the National Cathedral on Tuesdays and the Old Post Office Tower on Thursdays.

At this point I had no idea what was important and what was not, so I took few notes and did not date them until Nov 7 Sa. The following notes are from the first six sessions:

  1. Sallie
  2. Hand stroke
  3. Tail
  4. End stroke probably meant Back stroke
  5. Set the bell (at hand stroke usu.)
  6. Resources on the Web:
    1. Ian Carmichael TV series on ringing.
    2. North American Guild website, link lower center of home page Central Council, then there under Education
    3. Google learning change ringing
  7. Ringing up:
    1. Start with (3) loops in L hand. Pull to increase bell's swing.
    2. Last loop tightens 'til snug. Release it, then quickly work L hand up to R. R hand stays on rope. Repeat.
    3. Sallie will start to bounce: steady with R hand, then start pulling hand stroke.
  8. Ringing down:
    1. (Accumulate loops in L hand)
    2. Choke to slow bell's swing
    3. (?) Hands diverge / could diverge on backstroke
    4. When it's time for a loop: During a backstroke, L hand joins R and accumulates a loop.
    5. Eventually sallie will only bounce; then only back strokes.
  9. Goal while ringing: could set bell at every stroke. Then can hold there as long as desired.
  10. What is said (by the treble) to start the band ringing:
    1. Look to
    2. Treble's going
    3. She's gone

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